Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon


At the time of writing this is our Coronavirus Policy for 2021

Ahead of Arrival

  1. If we are forced to close due to Covid-19 we will offer you a full refund or the option top move your booking to a future available date.
  2. If we are forced to postpone our opening date due to Covid-19 we will offer you a full refund or the option to move your booking to a future available date.
  3. In the event you do wish to choose a future available date, this means any date we have availability and not fully booked.
  4. If we are forced to accommodate groups of a maximum capacity / head count and your group is over that head count, we will kindly ask you to reduce your numbers to meet the regulation at the time. If you have paid up front, we will refund any difference in the total balance. If you cannot reduce your group count, we will offer a full refund and cancel your booking.
  5. If you or anybody in your group are showing any of the Covid-19 symptoms ahead of your arrival, we strongly encourage you to act responsibly and cancel the individual from your booking or your whole booking.
  6. If you need to cancel your booking due to being directly or indirectly effected by Covid-19, we will offer you a full refund or option top move your booking to a future available date.
  7. If you or anybody in your group are High Risk or Shielding status, we strongly recommend you judge your travel sensibly at the time of travel in accordance with safety levels and vaccinations. It is your own responsibility to choose to travel to a highly populated tourist area if there is still probability of catching the virus.

Upon Arrival

  1. Be mindful of other campers, respect their space and keep your distance.
  2. Be mindful of our staff, respect their space and keep your distance.
  3. Pitch your tents at least 10 meters from your nearest neighbour. Known family and friends can pitch closer together.
  4. Try to be flexible with your shower times to avoid long cues at the units. We advise 1-in-1-out to ensure there’s space. Same with the toilets if possible.
  5. Try to be flexible with using the sink area to avoid cues, try to avoid getting too close to people. Be patient with others.
  6. Please wash your hands with the hand sanitiser provided before and after using the facilities.
  7. Any guests who are seen to be repeatedly and overtly disrespecting the guidelines above, will be asked leave.

Last Updated: 16th February 2021. We will continue to monitor and adjust the policy as the situation develops.

We are operating the campsite with the safety of our staff and guest as a priority. A note that we cannot force people how to behave, we can only hope and advise guests act responsibly and cooperate for the benefit of all.

Regular Booking Terms & Conditions apply as usual

  1. Group Bookings: Please check your booking as only the number of people detailed under your booking are permitted to camp during your stay. We reserve the right to decline additional people not listed on your booking without prior notice and updated booking confirmation. Please let us know by email at least 48 hours prior to arrival to check if numbers can be changed. If we are fully booked we will not be able to accommodate additional people.
  2. Check In Time: Any time from 12:00 Midday. If you require an early or late checkin please let us know.
  3. Check Out Time: By 11:00am.
  4. Changes and Cancellations: We will endeavour to accommodate any changes that you wish to make to your booking. Should circumstances beyond our control force us to cancel your holiday, then we will either offer you a full refund or make alternative arrangements for another time.
  5. Deposit Terms: £30 or £60 deposit (depending on your Group Size) retained if booking cancelled within 30 days of arrival. Deposit refunded if booking cancelled more than 30 days of arrival date.
  6. Behaviour Bond: Upon check-in we reserve the right to request an additional Behaviour Bond for groups of adults. This will be 50% of the total cost of your booking and will be returned back upon day of departure assuming there have been no incidents. Loud noise late at night, offensive language and general disrespect of others around you is unwelcome. Our staff will kindly remind you if your group is threatening this policy, but if after repeated attempts any individual or your whole group is refusing to cooperate, you will be asked to leave and the bond retained.
  7. If we identify multiple bookings have been made to create a large adult-only group over 10 people without our prior knowledge, the 50% Behaviour Bond is mandatory for every booking in the group. Please contact us first to check if you wish to book a large group booking so we can arrange it formally.
  8. 5mph Vehicle Speed Limit: We ask that when driving on the campsite to keep below 5mph at all times. There are lots of children playing when the site is busy.
  9. Vehicles & Parking: If you are bringing multiple vehicles as part of your group, we may kindly ask you to park them in our private car park in the lower field to ensure space for other campers tents.

Beach Rules & Environmental Policy

  1. Please use the recycling area and sort rubbish into the respective bins.
  2. Please avoid using disposable BBQs if you can. If they are used, please use bricks at reception to stop them scorching the ground.
  3. Please do not take BBQs onto Croyde Beach, they are not permitted and security will kindly ask you to leave.
  4. Please hire surf equipment if you can, do not buy the cheap bodyboards sold locally. They are extremely harmful to the environment as they very easily break in the waves, releasing polystyrene along the coastline and into the ocean.

We are also working Plastic Free North Devon, a local organisation run by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in North Devon and beyond. They work with local councils, community groups, businesses, schools, residents but also importantly visitors who come on holiday. Which is where Freshwell Camping wishes to help.

Please spare a minute to read this poster which gives some simple helpful tips

Happy with the above?