Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon



‘The Getaway’ is a step up and away from the regular camping experience we have offered historically at Freshwell. With it’s own private landscaped garden area, panoramic views, natural larch-wood structure and prime spot facing Croyde beach, this accommodation will provide a retreat away from the fast paced working-life and into the relaxed slow pace of North Devon coastal-life.


2 nights minimum stay for 2 people

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The Getaway Glamping Hut
£75/2 people per night
  • Minimum Stay: 2 Nights
  • Interior space designed for two people
  • Full upfront payment required to book
  • Contact us to check availability and book today!


Rustic interior furnishings

We have selected furnishings that compliment the nature of camping whilst making you feel at home and comfortable. Just as the traditional Shepherds Huts were a century ago, the fixtures & fittings are practical and the storage is efficient.

Soft Double Bed

The Getaway sleeps a raised double bed with under storage topped with a brand new mattress, clean white linen and cosy-down duvet. Additional blankets can also be provided upon request.

The Night Garden

Sit back, relax and soak up the view upon a specially landscaped area designed to give you a feeling of home from home. The concept behind the garden itself is inspired by the local areas clear skies for star gazing and the circular orbits of the solar system

Stargazing Skylight

When the night sky draws over, look up into the stars through the apex skylight across the roof of the cabin from the comfort of your bed. August is also by chance one of the best times to see shooting stars as the earth passes through debris left behind from a comet each year

Panoramic Coastal Views

From the moment you wake up in your bed, you can enjoy the stunning morning sun rise over Croyde beach through double glazed panoramic glass windows.


We’ve teamed up with Möken Coffee to supply Getaway guests with a concept inspired by the wilderness and the great outdoors. Guests will receive on loan the Möken Adventure Pack which contains all the tools to make fresh coffee whilst exploring the stunning North Devon coast on foot. The team at Möken aspire to blend adventure with good coffee, aiming to serve a community of like-minded individuals through sustainable, ethical and quality coffee. Möken are a growing success story from a crowd funded origin. To find out more click below:


The specially landscaped garden of the Getaway is inspired by the solar system, astronomy and wider Milky Way galaxy. The elliptical coloured stone pavings set in widening concentric circles put you at the centre to look up and observe the night sky. August 10th-13th each summer also brings like clockwork a stunning shooting star show as earth passes through the tail of debris left behind by comet Swift-Tuttle. The astronomical event, also known as the Perseids so called because the point from which they appear to hail from the constellation Perseus reaches it’s peak on August 12th. Book the 3 days of this event in the comfort of The Getaway for a chance to see a show like no other.


Late notice cancellation fee A full refund is given if booking cancelled more than 72 hours or arrival date. A £55 cancelation charge will be taken if booking cancelled within 72 hours of arrival date with the remaining balance refunded. Due Care & Responsibility The person making the booking is responsible for the conduct of the party. We reserve the right to decline and/or terminate the booking of any customers whose behaviour may be or come to be a nuisance, danger or annoyance to others. In such instances no refunds will be offered. Freshwell Camping is a relaxed family based campsite and our facilities are designed to recognise this Booking Confirmation Bookings made will only be secure and confirmed on full payment. These are non refundable and will only be transferred back at the discretion of the management. Payment is required in full at time of booking and a minimum booking of 2 nights is required. Changes and Cancellations We will endeavour to accommodate any changes that you wish to make to your booking once reserved. However, should circumstances beyond our control force us to cancel your holiday then we will either offer you a full refund of any monies paid or make alternative arrangement for another time. Arrivals and Departures All customers and visitors are required to checkin at reception upon arrival. The Getaway is let from 1pm on day of arrival until 10am on the day of departure. For an early check or late departure please email us on Use of the Accommodation Only those people listed on the booking can occupy your accommodation and use the facilities of the site. Over occupancy will result in additional charges and/or termination of the booking. No refunds will be offered. Payments Payment must be made in full. Failure to do so may arise in cancellation of your booking. Once we have received the necessary booking information your booking will be confirmed via email.