Fri-Sun 8-10am & 6-9pm


Hippy Happy Hoppers is run from the campsite this summer by our friend Tessa – lover of surf, sun and Sri Lankan food!
It’s all about yummy healthy food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Hippy Happy Hoppers is a unique street food stall situated in the beautiful beachside town of Croyde. A family run stall, that offers a wide variety of Sri Lankan style fusion food and juices, combining influences from across the world for a taste sensation.

The stall offers mainly vegan and vegetarian options, all ingredients are organically sourced and freshly prepared. The tableware is ethnically sourced, recyclable and compostable. And the stall itself is handmade by Lomas Furniture, using local wood sustainably sourced, benefitting life in local woodlands. Good Honest Food.

Be sure to check her Facebook Page for the days the stall is set up on site.

Check out the Hoppers!

The stall specialises in Hoppers, which is a traditional and authentic Sri Lankan dish. Similar to a crepe, a bater mix made of coconut and rice flour is poured into a ‘hopper’ pan which is shaped like a bowl. This creates an edible basket where an egg is then added – creating an egg hopper! Traditionally, hoppers are eaten for breakfast with creamy dahl and spicy coconut sambol. But that’s where the fusion comes in – the egg hopper offers a vessel for any culinary delight!

Hoppers Menu

Hoppers are Sri Lankan crispy pancake bowls. They are made using a coconut and rice flour fermented bater mix. This is then poured into a ‘hopper’ pan, where usually a fresh egg is added, and cooked until the pancake is crispy and the egg is runny! This essentially creates an edible bowl, which is filled with the filling of your choice.


Egg Hopper with Spinach Dahl and Coconut Sambol £6

Peanut Butter

Egg Hopper with Peanut butter and aubergine curry £6


Egg Hopper with Chicken and Apple Curry – £7


Freshly Coconuts to drink – £3

Ham and Cheese

Egg Hopper with Ham and Cheese – £6

Spinach and Feta

Egg Hopper with Tomato, Spinach and Feta – £6

Tomato and Pesto

Egg Hopper with Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto – £6

Plain Egg Hoppers

Gluten Free available and Vegan friendly

Rice & Curry

Sri Lanka is famous for their numerous display of various curries and sambols.
We have a few favourites, but often change the curries depending on season and produce.
All curries served with a choice of poppadoms and sambols; coconut sambol, tomato and onion sambol


Vegan Rice and Curry – £5


Veggie Rice and Curry – £5


Meat Rice and Curry – £6

Plain Rice

Plain simple rice with sides available

Roti Snacks

A roti is a handmade dough parcel stuffed with your choice of filling.


Spicy Vegetable Roti – £3

Ham & Cheese

Ham and Cheese Roti – £3

Cheese & Tomato

Cheese and Tomato – £3

Fish Roti

Fish Roti – £4


All juices are freshly made using organic fruits and vegetables.
The combinations are specifically chosen to best benefit the body for a hippy happy life!

Beetroot Boost

Beetroot, apple, lemon and ginger – £3

Zesty Zinger

Orange, carrot, lemon and ginger – £3

Green Glow

Cucumber, celery, ginger, apple, lemon, parsley and kale – £3

Sizzling Citrus

Grapefruit, orange, lime and ginger – £3

Pineapple Ping

Pineapple, lemon and coconut water – £3


Over the summer new juices could be mixed. So watch the stall signs

Any questions about Hippy Happy Hoppers? Just ask Tessa.

Alternatively, Croyde village is only a 10 minute walk away with a number of restaurants and pubs all offering food and drink.

Contact by phone

07721 733 251

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