Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Our Freshwell Bead

A handmade gem inspired by the campsite & Croyde beach

Introducing our Freshwell Nalu Bead

Our beautiful Freshwell bead is unique to us and only available here. It is made with a core of blue glass to match our colours, and rolled in a few grains of Croyde sand before being encased with a clear glass and wrapped with a pale blue Croyde wave! Wet hope it serves as a great memory of your stay at Freshwell.


We offer the bead with a selection of different colour and material cords and wraps

About Nalu

Nalu's beads are inspired by surf spots, beaches and coastlines or any special places. Sometimes it’s the colours - the sky, the sea, the coastline - that characterise a break or beach. Sometimes it’s the feel or mood of a place. The glass they use comes from Murano, a small island near Venice which, for centuries, has had a reputation for being home to some of the world’s finest glass makers. The colours are hand mixed so that no two batches of glass are ever the same. Every combination of colour produces a different effect, creating an organic quality that gives the Nalu bead its distinctive appearance. Each bead is carefully handmade in their design studio and workshop in Braunton, N.Devon