Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Freshwell Live

Freshwell Live

Freshwell Live has been set up as part of the Freshwell camping and the other services we offer. The idea is to provide a space that is available to guests as well as the public to enjoy music and other events such as film screenings and other entrertainment. The fields have been in the family for generations and events have been held here long before even the campsite was in operation.

30 years ago our dad used to arrange a lorry-trailer and he would organise bands and musicians to play for all to come and enjoy space. This was usually the end-party as part of a local ‘Fun Week’ that used to be arranged each summer for families and residents of Georgeham and Croyde who participated in games and sports in the name of fun. This was always completely free and we continue that ethos today with Freshwell Live.

In more recent years we have linked up with our food vendors to offer great tasting street food and drinks to go with the entertainment and the stunning view which is priceless yet free to all to enjoy. It makes us happy to be able to share the fields we are so grateful to have in our family.

All we ask is that you leave the place as you found it – please keep it clean and tidy and take any waste you bring with you.

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