Plastic Free North Devon are piloting an inflatables collection and recycling scheme in Croyde this summer and we are taking part along with many other campsites in the village.

Each summer we are left with sizeable quantities of waste that we try to sort and recycle as much as possible. The detrimental impact plastic waste is having on oceans and coastlines is now increasingly evident in our area and awareness is growing around how to try and reduce it.

This is one such idea that not only reduces the plastic waste going to landfill  but also reuses the plastic and gives it new functional purpose extending it’s lifespan.



Plastic Free North Devon is a local environmental movement started by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in North Devon and beyond. Working with local councils, community groups, businesses, schools, residents and visitors we aim to

Raise awareness of the issue

Reduce the amount of plastic consumed

Clear waste plastic from the environment

Ensure that it is recycled or disposed of appropriately

If we all make small changes, great things can happen! PFND are happy to share all of their knowledge and experience, so ask them about how you could help your community go Plastic Free.


There’s a company called Wyatt & Jack based in Portsmouth who are running what they are calling an “inflatable amnesty” – and PFND are getting involved! This will be done by popping collection points at campsites all over Croyde. Volunteers will collect the unwanted or damaged inflatables, discarded into the collection points during the summer holidays. They’ll then package them up and send them off to Wyatt and Jack, who will in turn develop them into unique recycled bags and accessories.

All the bags in this collection are made from the salvaged inflatables and beach toys they have rescued as part of their Inflatable Amnesty®, in an effort to divert as many as possible from landfill. Each product is entirely unique. Wyatt & Jack let the shape of the item and the areas of damage, dictate the shape, in order to use as much of the piece as possible and generate as little, if any, waste as they can.



We are collecting unwanted inflatables to be made into amazing bags!
We accept the following inflatable items

Bouncy Castles


LATEX balloons

Beach Balls



Floating Drink Holders


Rubber Rings



Water Wings

Rubber Dinghies

Paddling Pools

What you need to do

If you own any of the items listed above and they get damaged, punctured or broken whilst on holiday, simply put them in the crate provided.
It can be found in the designated area for all recycling.

To see their unique, recycled products go to:
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