We're protecting our coasts


We are proud to be active members of Surfers Against Sewage to help
spread the word about protecting our coastlines and the wider environment.
We also have some activity ideas up our sleeves in the coming months and years
that will make this something for all the family to get involved in!



Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that inspires,
unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.


Freshwell Camping sponsors SAS £250 per year. SAS use that money to campaign for improved costal and environmental laws along with:

• Promoting beach cleans locally, regionally and nationally.

• Creating educational programs & awareness activities.

• Pressing for reformation on the use of plastics.

• Improving water quality so you can safely surf & swim in the sea.

• Working with The Climate Coalition on the wider issue of climate change.

Why we want to do this

Freshwell Camping is literally minutes from beautiful Croyde beach situated within a wider stunning North Devon coastline. Our appreciation of that local natural environment means it deserves protection for generations to come.


We hope your stay in Croyde and time spent on the beach will inspire you get involved in SAS locally where you are from. After all, you don’t need to live beside the seaside to help save the seaside.


We would like to take the opportunity whilst you are staying in beautiful North Devon to inform guests about SAS and what they are involved in locally right now.

The Environment & Wildlife

Freshwell Camping resides in a recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with some species of animal that are protected. We aim to kept that way.

A Clean Beach is a Safe Beach

We want the beach to be clean of as much pollution as possible so you and your families can enjoy it.

Join fellow surfers, beach lovers & families who share a passion for protecting our beautiful coastlines.
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