Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon

Croyde Bay Camping, North Devon



With the help of our friend and local carpenter Matt, we set about building something different and new for Freshwell during the spring of 2017. Based on an existing trailer chassis, we reinforced it and built a timber frame on top of it. We used oak trusses for the roof then clad it with larch followed by basic but complimentary interior furnishings. Another good friend of ours who owns a reputable local window business provided the glass and window frames. Most impressive is the apex sky-light window that lets you see the stars by night above your head.


We were inspired by the basic huts that were used a century ago by shepherds who would stay in them for long periods of time taking care of the landowners animals and fields. The difference today being that we are open for the warmer summer months and offer a comfortable bed with panoramic views!


Whilst we are laying claim to making The Getaway, all the credit actually goes to Matt who cut and constructed the bulk of the structure…


The specially landscaped garden of the Getaway is inspired by the solar system, astronomy and wider Milky Way galaxy. The elliptical coloured stone pavings set in widening concentric circles put you at the centre to look up and observe the night sky. August 10th-13th each summer also brings like clockwork a stunning shooting star show as earth passes through the tail of debris left behind by comet Swift-Tuttle. The astronomical event, also known as the Perseids because the point from which they appear to hail from the constellation Perseus reaches it’s peak on August 12th.